If you spend any time researching employment data, you might come across some pretty disheartening numbers. Nearly three out of four people are not engaging in their jobs. Statistics like that might make you believe that everyone is unhappy. But that impression would only last until you come across someone like Pharnice at Midtowne Assisted Living and Memory Care. Here’s her story.

“My title? Well that is easy! I am the new Memory Care Coordinator for Midtowne. I was promoted into this position after serving as a medication aide for about a year and some change here in Memory Care!”

“As for my role, well, lol, that is a mouth-full. My role as Memory Care Coordinator has an official job description, but I want to share with you how I see it. I am their voice and they are my family. It is my honor to develop and implement personalized activities and experiences that cater to their needs emotionally, physically, spiritually, cognitively, as well as mentally. I feel that I teach our care partners how to encourage and care for our residents and their families with dignity and genuine compassion, based on not only what I say but by what I do as well. We, as a team, are committed to giving our residents the best quality of life possible through daily interactions that provide them with hope, peace, love, laughter, joy, and a sense of trust and family. WE ARE THEIR SUPPORT!”

“The other day, I was visiting with the residents and I noticed something. It may seem small to some but to me, it was everything. As I talked with one resident, other residents began to look up and smile at me. One waved, another motioned a hug in my direction. I realized that they really and truly recognized my voice. Now, I may be known to cut up, joke around with them, steal a hug here, a kiss there, but I never truly realized how that affected them daily until in this moment. There was a perk to their spirit, a smile to their face, just the air of them waiting to see what mischief I would be up to next! That feeling that I felt when I realized that although they may have lost their capacity to remember some things or the ability to function like they may have before, their ability and capacity to love only increased to fill those gaps. They love me unconditionally. And I love them back! A feeling like that, man, it’s powerful! Sometimes we need that feeling to remind us just why we do what we do. It’s not a job, a paycheck, or duty – IT’S A GIFT!”

“The man in the picture with me is the one and only Jimmy Munn. I love this guy! Even on my worst days, Jimmy can make everything right with a unique smile and a hug! When Jimmy came to us, I was at a crossroads. After losing a few residents, I decided to care…BUT NOT TOO MUCH. Well, Jimmy said, “No!” He would look for me with those bright eyes and before I knew it, I had opened my heart again. Jimmy loves me through my bad days and basks with me through my good! We pray together and laugh together. Jimmy is my daily confirmation that I need these residents so much more than they could ever need me. This is why I feel that my job loves me and I gladly love it back!”

What do you love about your job? How does your job love you back?