Miracle Moments

Ed’s Miracle Moment

When the Texas Rangers moved to town, they got more than a new address. They got a life-long fan in Ed B. Ed, who grew up in Southeast Fort Worth, wasn’t always a Rangers fan. He started out root-root-rooting for the Detroit Tigers. But that all changed in 1972. And by 1994, Ed had seen his last game at the stadium. Until My Miracle Moment stepped up to the plate. The plan was a hit: Ed, his son, Blake, and his grandson, Hunter, watched the Rangers take the game for the win, live and in person. But that wasn’t the end of the celebration. While he couldn’t attend the game, Ed’s brother, Otis, was brought in from Houston for a surprise visit, made even more special as Ed never thought he’d see his brother again. They even posed for a picture while holding a memento: the last photograph they took together while enlisted in the military. And at the end of the day, all involved agreed.

Byron’s Miracle Moment

Byron R. has always enjoyed the casino.  Poker.  Dollar slots.  Veritable smorgasbord of food.  (Well, truthfully, Byron often forgot to eat.  Thankfully, his wife, Barbara, would remind him to find sustenance.)  As Byron says, “There’s a lot more to gambling than just chance and luck.  There is a lot of statistics and strategy.”  And who wouldn’t believe him?  This is a man who once won $10,000 on a dollar slot machine!  So when it came to planning a high-stake My Miracle Moment, there was no question which cards would be deal: a poker table, slot machine and his family, enjoying every bit of the evening.  Byron’s great-granddaughter even joined him for a round of cards, which is fitting, seeing as his protégé has been playing since she was four.  In the end, was the My Miracle Moment a big winner?  You can bet on it!